As My Sister Said, It's Like Being A Rolly-Polly

A rolly-polly is also called a pill bug. That's how my sister described my stomach ache to my mom. I was still in bed, curcled up in pain, not wanting to take anymore of this gay antibiotic and my period sure as hell isn't happy with my stomach ache, either. **sighs** Thank you God for ear-bleeding alternative metal. I seem to be doing better as the day wears on, but I've got to take another one of those god damn pills here in an hour. I'm supposed to be taking three for seven days, but my mom and I decided that I should only take two a day for ten days. Sure, it drags it out more, but I'd rather have to take them longer and have to deal with a "rolly-polly" stomach than have to be puking my guts out.

I had to go to the store with my mom today and I swear I thought I was going to die. We stopped by Mr.K's (or Mic. K's as we call it) to get a couple of books. ((Dangerous Games and The Vampire De Sade and Lisesy's Story are the three books I'm reading right now)) and it was everything I could to get out of the store and follow my mom through Krogers without passing out.

But, I got myself some Campbells Wonton Soup. It's a version of chiken noodle soup that I completely adore. Chinesse food is my favorite, er, genre (?) of food out there. I don't need flowers and I don't need candy and I don't need no diamond ring, but if you really want to woo me, food from the Magic Wok is the way to go. Kara can now testify to this. ((cuz Fry's taken her to the Magic Wok)) Best damn chinesse food "done dirt cheap". To qoute AC/DC.

I'm bored out of my skull, but I realized something when I was talking to Perla today. The only person, save Merfie, to call me and ask how I was feeling. Which, I'm not saying you other guys don't care, it's just nice to hear a voice that doesn't belong to the woman that keeps the fact that she might have cancer from me or of a screaming 25 or so year old who sings to us broken and angsty adolecents. Anyway, what I realized, is that you really can't take things or people for granted. Things can be taken from you in such a cruel way that, for moment, however short or however long, your lungs don't quite work and your heart feels like somebody has jammed their fist inside your chest and just wrenched it from your ribcage.

I didn't have words. I didn't have feeling. I didn't live there for a moment. And, I still don't have words to speak to Perla. I will never have words to help her through this, only these that I speak to all I care for, "I'm gonna be here. You can't push me away, I'm too damn Irish to play into that game. When you really need somebody, you know where to find me."

I haven't more to say. I'll post my new song list later. I've cleaned my mp3 player to the bone again, and I have just putting the skin back on.

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Okay, So There's These 3 Dudes. . . Shit! Where'd My Paper Go?

I lost my Merlin paper, so I've got to rewrite the whole damn thing. Which, I can live with. I lost Libyan Bones again because my brother Lucas saved some, well. . . some questionable material to MY jump/flash drive. **strangles the red head** But, I watched 300 today, Nicky wouldn't stop talking and Cody kept echoing Leonidasis's lines, but it was good all the same. I almost thought it was going to end just like Gladiator. You know when Helios is returning to Sparta and you see The Queen and the son standing in the fields of grain, well, Gladiator ends almost the exact same way.

Asada. Hok. Mei. Three disbanded warriors who go about protecting ghetto villages from the Fire Nation. Asada is a halfbreed as is Hok, but Mei is a full blooded earthbender. Asada is a fire bender but is half northern water tribe. Hok cannot bend but he's half fire bender and half water bender as well and that's why he can't bend. Well, he can, it's just that it's so weak that he doesn't bother with it. they all have they're own reasons for fighting the fire nation and along the way to some squat out in the middle of nowhere where the Fire Nation is bullying and they come across a certian banished Prince.

That's as far as I've gotten. Or, that's as much as I'm going to tell.

Oh, Saber. I know that Skua's going to keep the kid because I know who the baby turns out to be, question is, does Skua survive the pregnancy? See, still have me hanging.

Oh, I want to forwarn you girls. ((I want Stephen to be surprised, so don't call him and warn him)) I went out with Demetri and Sean and we'd (my mom and me) gotten rid of most of my clothes. (I refused to give up my ninja shirt, my Big Day Out shirt, and my camo pants, but I don't have a whole lot else. I don't own a single pair of guy shorts, guy shirts ((well, okay, I still have a few)), everything came from the women's section. I'm proud of myself and my level of confidence hit the roof (like I predicted it would) Demetri and Sean were like in estacy when they learned I wanted to go shopping. I would have called up Kara, but it was kind of spontanious when I went.

I'm Still Sick, But Would Love It If Somebody Would Just Call,
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I'm Upset, But The Anger's Finally Moving In

My mom doesn't know that I know. So, I'm just watching her. And, I've noticed things that seemed to be nothing. Like, she's been sitting on the front porch more and more. . . you know how music is my release? Well, books seem to be her's. We've been to Mr.K's (the bookstore by K-Mart) three times this week. We're going out for more school suppiles today with LeAnn.

Last night, I HAD to get out of the damn house. So, I went out with Demetri, Sean, and a guy named Jacob (who's straight, oddly, and good looking) and we hung out and played Guitar Hero II for what seemed to be forever. I haven't played since my last trip to Game Crazy, so, my first couple of songs were crappy, but I decided to go bold and play R.A.M.'s Killing In The Name Of and I completely slaughtered the guys. Which was nice, because, although I'm still on easy, they've had this game since la primera dia, so they should be complete masters of it.

Anyway, I haven't got much to say. Mom's sick, I'm sick, and we've got to go out today. Joy. **rolls eyes**
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I'm Playing Housewife and I'm So Very Sick

I'm not answering the phone for awhile. Why? Because it hurts my throat after I do. Sorry, but I just can't do it. I can barely play Housewife daughter anymore, I mean, I know why I have to do it, but can I get some help? My brothers can see that I'm sick, barely even holding onto my color much less a lunch, and they don't leave their precious Xbox 360's. Dad's at working 12 hour days, so I am not going to ask him for help when he comes home, and my mom shouldn't even be out of bed much less helping me. Molgar, I know what you meant a couple of days ago with your cleaning posts.

Oh, but I found somehting funny in my "I Love Smoking Lighting, Heavy Metal Thunder" post, that when I was talking about having to use my money for gas money and I don't even have a permit, the name of the next song was "Sad But True" by Metallica.

Updated Musiq List: (my entire list since I haven't made a favorites)

1) All That I'm Living For by Evanescence
2) Bad Reputation by Joan Jett
3) Bittersweet by Fuel
4) Born To Be Wild by Hinder
5) Bring Me To Life by Evanescence
6) Burn by Mad At Gravity
7) Daddy's Girl by KJ-52
8) Determined by Mudvanye
9) Do You Wanna Touch Me? by Joan Jett
10) Dragula by Rob Zombie
11) Drift Away by Magnetic North (also called "Within The Rythm)
12) Drive by Incubus
13) Enter Sandman by Metallica
14) For The Ladies by KJ-52
15) Forgotten by Linkin Park (I need some more of them. . . )
16) God by KJ-52
17) Guarded (Album Version) by Disturbed
18) Happy? by Mudvanye
19) Here Without You by 3 Doors Down
20) Highway To Hell by AC/DC
21) I Love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett
22) Imagine by John Lennon
23) It's Not Me by 3 Doors Down
24) Life Is A Highway by Rascal Flatts
25) Lights Out by P.O.D
26) Lose Yourself by Eminem
27) Love Song by Pink
28) Love You Out Loud by Rascal Flatts
29) So Long by Magnetic North
30) Maria Maria by Santana (way better than Hendrix)
31) Mudshovel by Staind
32) My Immortal by Evanescence
33) Need Someone by KJ-52
34) No Stopping Me by KJ-52
35) Nobody Told Me by John Lennon
36) Nobody's Fool by Avril Lavigne
37) Phenomenon by Thousand Foot Krutch
38) Put Your Lights On by Santana
39) Rawkfist by Thousand Foot Krutch
40) Right Here by Staind
41) Right Here by KJ-52
42) Sad But True by Metallica
43) See Me Through by Rascal Flatts
44) Show Me How To Live by Audioslave
45) Smooth by Santana
46) Stand By Me by John Lennon (my sis loves it, so I put it on for her, I think it's a bit cheesy but this coming from the person who loves Rascal Flatts)
47) Stellar by Incubus
48) Supafly by Thousand Foot Krutch
49) TNT by AC/DC
50) Taking Over Me by Evanescence
51) Testify by Common (I LOVE THIS GUY!)
52) The Hardway by KJ-52
53) The Light by Common
54) The People by Common
55) These Walls by Trapt
56) Turn The Page by Metallica (my first Metallica song EVER)
57) Wake up by KJ-52
58) We're Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister
59) Welcome To The Jungle by Guns n' Roses
60) Working Class Hero by John Lennon


THE BOYS COME HOME TODAY!!!!!!! (insert biggest smilie ever)
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(no subject)

In the last two days, I swear we've been to the grocery store four times. We keep forgetting to get something like sugar or soap or band-aides. The dryer sheets was my fault, I should have known we were out of them. *sighs* Well, I'm going to admit, I feel like shit, not only because my insecent coughing has made my stomach hurt and my suckage is only going to increase because I'm going to get my period soon, but I shouldn't have sent Saber those pics of Demetri and Sean. I thought she might like to use them as references for the guys she writes about, but instead it lead to a meltdown. I should have known better, and sis, I am so very sorry. I should have known better. **beats head against keyboard**

**looks dazed for a moment and slowly blinks** Okay, I'm back. i have absolutely no plans this week except that I've got to the doctors on Thursday. But, I found out that I'm having my picture for the yearbook taken on August 8th. I dunno what time, but Kara and I will probably see each other because we did last year.

Anyway, I've got to get off because my time ends at 12:30. **notices that I've still got higlighter on my finger** I've got to sync my mp3 player, so this is it for today.



p.s. Libyan Bones is now back in possession and I've got another fanfic rolling around in my head, so you guys'll get two stories eventually.
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(no subject)

Just in case you didn't get it, it took me a few minutes, the guy is deaf. He can't hear the music that he loved anymore, but to support him, the girlfriend buys him a ticket to go see Magnetic North in concert.

I Love Smoking Lightning, Heavy Metal Thunder

I've been sleeping in later than normal, so I feel totally helter-skelter. And, old Metallica songs are better than ay caffine drink. I think that's why I feel so blagh. (Enter Sandman by Metallica) I've pretty much cut my coke (pop, soda, whatever.) out of my normal diet. I've relpaced it with water, tea (which, still has caffine), and the occasional cup of milk. I don't drink as much milk as I should because it makes my cough, er, juicy? Doesn't that adjective make your stomach turn. Anyway, I've got to go see the doctor again next week, Thursday (I think), because although I'm not coughing as much, when I do have a coughing fit, it's really deep and it's hard for me to breathe afterward. Also, they think I caught this bug from Stephen, which, I'm not surprised. Because at one point I had Kara's sniffles, it's just a matter of time until my body builds up a resistance to it.

300 comes out on DVD and Blue-ray (anybody remember when it used to be VHS?) Tuesday, so we're going to rent it very soon. I'm so excited to see that, I was supposed to go see it while it was in the theaters, but the money I had saved up was needed for gas money. And I don't even have a permit. (Sad But True by Metallica) I'm going to get that next summer because they took out Driver's Ed.

I'll be back, I need breakfast. (Bad Reputation by Joan Jett) Since I know I'm not going to be able to eat until dinner today, I fixed myself a ham sandwhich on dark with lechuga, tomates, y mostaza. (it's been a couple of months, but I think I set that up right.) (I Love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett)

As for this weekend, I don't think I have any plans but to watch the rain. I love it when it rains, I dunno why, but given a choice, I would pick a rainy day over a sunny one. Speaking of plans, my church had a Christmas in July thing last night, and, I realized something. I love hanging out with kids more than people my own age. Especially the little boys, I just can't relate to the little girls. (TNT by AC/DC) Which, work out just fine because the other teen there, Heather, works better with the little girls. Jon, Alex, and Chris were the main ones I took care of. Hunter, Micah, and little Noah were too young to play anywhere but the castle, so they were easy to watch. Jared wasn't there, which was a relief, because Noah refuses to call me anything but, "Pretty Lady" when Jared and I are watching the boys. (Born To Be Wild by Hinder)

Speaking of little kids, I had a dream last night. (Stellar by Incubus) Collapse )

(Put Your Lights On by Santana)

That's All I've Got For Now,
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The Sky Isn't Blue, It's Pure White.

I'm actually not worried about anything right now, and I don't care if that comes off as selfish. Everything's fine as far as I know. . . wait, shit. I lied. Okay, Fry's sick with something and Kara's flipped out. So, pray please? Yeah, I don't care if you're against White Magic, I've known some white witches (white = pure/good here people) so, I know first hand what a bad rep that they've got. But, I know most of you that read my journal are Christian in some shape and or fashion, so pray that Fry gets better. For Kara's peace of mind and for Fry.

Alright, Kara, I googled some white magic candle healing spells. Take a candle, carve Fry's name into it, place a picture of him next to it (if you need one, I can email you one that I took that day with the camera), light the candle, and say this, "Magic mend and candle burn, sickness end and good health return." I'd find something else for you, but my Mom's watching me right now. I'll pray for Fry tonight.

I rewrote my Crystal Cave paper, and I'm happy with it save for the last paragraph. Libyan Bones is back and running, so I'll have something for you guys when I finish this chapter, k? But, I'm leaving for church (we're having some sort of Christmas in July thing) around 4:30 and it 3:57 now, so it might be tommorow.

I'll post my new music list soon, promise.

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I Had Something Really Cool, But I Forgot It.

Updated Musiq List:

1) 18 Wheeler by P!nk
2) All That I'm Living For by Evanescence
3) Angels Would Fall by Melissa Ethridge
4) Baby Don't Cry by Tupac
5) Burn by Mad At Gravity
6) Cold Turkey by Lenny Kravitz
7) Do You Wanna Touch Me? by Joan Jett
8) Drift Away by Magnetic North
9) Drive by Incubus
10) Fly by Hilary Duff
11) Free by Ginny Owens
12) Here Without You (Acoustic) by 3 Doors Down
13) I Love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett
14) If You Want Me To by Ginny Owens
15) It's Not Me by 3 Doors Down
16) Just For by Nickelback
17) Lithium by Evanescence
18) Love Song by P!nk
19) So Long by Magnetic North
20) Unda Control by " "
21) Scared by Three Days Grace
22) She Walked Away by Barlow Girl
23) not going to say right now
24) Stellar by Incubus
25) Taking Over Me by Evanescence

and I just deleted everything.
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