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Oh-kay. . . There's A Stranger In My Mirror

I hopped on over to my lj and there's a post there that I didn't post. The song? Where the hell did that come from? I couldn't tell you. . . ah, wait. One of my brothers is taking the credit. . .Cody. Yeah, why am I not surprised? Speaking of Cody, did anybody know that he once used my homework for toliet paper? Yessir, we were camping and he grabbed in the middle of the night and used my math homework that I had brought as toliet paper. God, I have a damn weird family.

My mom's in a weird mood. Testy like. I was joking about having leftovers again, trying to make her feel better and she blew up in my face. We're not speaking right now and I have no idea what I did wrong. She's got a test the 6th to test for the cancer, so it may just be stress. **sighs** Somebody take me away from here. I'm so tired of being yelled at. . . Can I get a hug?

My birthday is this weekend and I'm actually not all that excited for it. I don't want anything but to get away from here, and I have a date w/ Stephen. I mean, getting presents have always made me feel ackward because I can never afford to buy anything for those people. I've given away beanie babies to the girls and I give money to the boys. Just, if you must, get me something that means something like. Like. . . **thinks hard** Demi gave me an old hoodie instead of giving it to the boys and Sean gave me a Livestrong bracelet that says "Faith" because that's what I struggle with the most. Micheal/Sean got me a cd of Skillet's that I'll never admit aloud that I wanted. (comatose was the name of the cd)

Okay, here a huge-mongus hug for everybody. **HHHHHUUUUGGGGG*** I'm so sorry about what's going on in everybody's life. You all know I'm here if you need to talk. Tell you what, I'm gonna write a chapter of Libyan Bones dedicated to everybody. Hows that? I know it probably means nothing. . .but, still. You'll have something in your inbox, yeah?

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