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If French is Love, Spanish is the language of Seduction"

Huh, did today feel like monday to anybody else? Perhaps it's because i got my pictures. Or perhaps that i might have to flip around my lunch/chemistry so i don't "miss any learning time".

I really don't have much to say, since it is only tuesday. (that rhymed) There was a couple f random jokes today and i started on a poem called, "Running Fast, Going Slow". I dunno where that title came from, but it's stuck and I honestly cannot come up with anything else.

Thomas Wood, you might remember him as the dude who might have started the whole cheating rumor, is being dealt with. I asked Tommy for a favor and he said that he'll talk to Wood, since he's obviously not gotten it through his thick skull that I'M NOT AVAILABLE!! I HAVEN"T BEEN FOR MORE THAN NINE MONTHS.

Anywho, I know what I'm getting Molly for her birthday, and I'm still thinking about what to get Kara. . . Guys, I honestly have no idea what I want for mine. Like Kara said on the bus today, after 10 or 11 you stop picking out a new thing that you want everday. I'm grateful for all the immaterial things I have. My Guardian Angels, Stephen, and my family. Honestly, unless you can think of a way to completely erradicate school, there's not a thing I want.

Speaking of Family and Stephen. . . this is my dad's apology for what he said. He knows I loathe the fact that I have to have a chaperone everytime I go out somewhere, Stephen's mom is exactly the same way, so I think that's one of the reasons this whole ordeal has worked out. I've mentioned a couple of times that I would like to invite Stephen over for dinner (if he wants) and maybe we could go to the movies. (with a chaperone) Dad suggested to mom that maybe, if Mrs. Blank felt comfortable, mom could drop us off at the movies and pick us back up. . . without one of the parents being there. WHICH IS TOTALLY FRICKIN' AWESOME!!!

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