music_is_love (devon_ordo) wrote,

"What was it you said you were going to buy me?"

Yeah, it's Friday again and this is my first post of the week. **yawns hugely** Well, I got off the bus not even twenty minutes ago and I'm already listening to my Hendrix cd. I'm sorry Saber that I haven't been at all this week; it's the gosh darn homework that's keeping me busy from the moment I get home to around 9:30 (which, as eveybody knows, is my bedtime.) Hey, everybody who took the gateway (big-mama test at the end of the year) for biology should have gotten their's by today, but I got mine yesterday. I placed advanced in everything and scored a hundred in every category. I was so proud of myself that when I got off the bus Thursday that I couldn't wait to show my parents. Mom was laying down in the back bedroom so I showed it to her and she felt better. Then, I showed it to my dad; he got very quiet. This is what he said to me.

"Uh, yeah Dad?"
"This is even more reason for me to believe that you should break up with that Stephen boy and focus completely on your studies."
"What do you mean?"
"If this is how you do while fooling around with a boy, then imagine what you could be without him around."
*long pause and then into his eyes* "I'd be completely miserable and, you know, you'd still be jealous of the fact that that "Stephen-boy" knows me better than you ever will."
*mumbles* "And you wonder why I think you're not going to be worth anything as an adult."
*shouts* "SHUT UP! You don't know me so don't fucking judge me. You're no more of a father than your's was to you. You're so judgemental. What part of I love him and that he makes me happy don't you get, Dad? You say you love me and want me to be happy, so what's wrong with Stephen?"

I hate fighting with my dad when my mom's sick. I really do, but our relationship is like a roller coaster. We're going to always has these downs and just when it seems to be going good again, I'm going to get hurt again. And, yeah, Dad called me worthless. I guess it was "Let's-Make-Megan-Feel-Unwanted-and-Like-Shit" night. I mentioned this to Stephen and, god I don't deserve how much he cares for me, he kept making me laugh throughout class. Sweet and gentle boy, that he is. And people wonder why I love him?

Molgar, when is your birthday? I need to know so I can go shopping for you. I know you said it was near the end of the month, but I never got the exact date. Kara, I know what I'm getting you. And, I know what I'm doing for my birthday.I hope if I can get mom and dad to okay it. Stupid chaperones.

I Love You Gypsy Eyes,
And My Guardian Angels,
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