music_is_love (devon_ordo) wrote,

I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since I've been able to post on my lj, I missed you guys! Man, I was swamped with friends' posts, so I'll go ahead and comment. I'm glad, sickly, that everybody else feels the same way I do about school, it offically sucks some bigs ones this year. Kiwi, it's your hair, you do what you want with it, okay?

Let's see, besides dealing with rumors that Stephen's cheating (which is nothing new and i know he's not) on me with a girl named Lindsey Shope. Um, I've spent the last couple of nights asleep in a hospital chair since Mom's been sick (that's why I've been looking like I've been in a fight these last couple of mornings) and all my plans for this weekend have been cancled. Joy.

I haven't all that much to say, it's nothing new.

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